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Providing Support, Guidance, & Resources to Create Successful Transition



forever EASTER house ministries understands that homelessness contributes to a number of simple and complex psychological and emotional challenges. Often temporary and due to forced poor habits, we team up to battle these challenges. Providing faith-based, prayer-filled resources to help every participant build a Plan for Successful Transition from trauma, addiction, family strife, back into a more balanced and budgeted successful life.


At forever EASTER house Ministries, we work towards connecting the homeless people, near homeless people, and conditionally or temporarily homeless people to the resources they need the most. We strive to reach out to them at their time of need and restore their hope for a happy life. We do this through joyous relationships built on love.

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We believe that together, we can come to the aid of the needy. Consider joining the Saints, who volunteer with us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of homeless and near-homeless people. You can serve us with both your donations of talents and treasures.

Taking Action

Our "Packed For Purpose" charity, and backpack donation distribution program in Sacramento County recently attracted positive attention from the local businesses, which are plagued by homelessness and social issues. Soon, our work is likely to touch the lives of many more.

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